Facilities available in the College

1. Auditorium/Seminar Hall complex with infrastructural Facilities :
Audio visual Hall 250 seats
Language Lab 100 seats
Multimedia Halls 200 seats ( 2×100)
Periyar Kalaiarangam 1000 seats
Zoology Dept. Seminar Hall 100 seats
2. Sports Facilities
Gymnasium Available
Playground Available
Any other The College provides facilities for playing Cricket, Foot Ball, Track and Field, Volley Ball, Basket Ball and Kabaddi.
3. Hostel
Boys’ Hostels Main Hostel(within College Campus – One Number)
Number of inmates : 295
Facilities: Mess, Purified water, Reading room, TV, dailies, Internet and computer access.
Common BC hostel for Men ( Government )
Adi – Dravidar hostel for Men ( Government )*
Girls’ Hostels* Common BC hostel for women ( Government )
Common Adi – Dravidar hostel for women
Private hostels for boys and girls (approved by the Government) are functioning closer to the college. Students are admitted into these hostels.
4. Residential Facilities for faculty and non-teaching
For teaching staff (Government Housing Board quarters allotted based on the willingness of the individual)
For non-teaching staff (Government Housing Board quarters allotted based on the willingness of the individual)
5. Cafeteria Available in the campus for the staff and students.
6. Health Centre A separate health care unit is not available within the campus. But ambulance and emergency care facilities (Government Ambulance 108) are readily available at an expense of a phone call. The staff and students of the college are provided with regular medical camps for blood group identification and for various ailments like eye care, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.
7. Other Facilities
Banking*: State Bank of India with an ATM facility is available nearer to the college.
Post Office*: Khajamalai Post office is closer to the college.
Book Shops: The Co-operative Stores is functioning within the college campus.
Transport Facilities: Buses are plying via college by the Tamilnadu Transport Corporation for students and staff. All the students are provided with Free Bus Pass by the Government. Train concession is also provided for students.
Power House : Not available – But, the Generator facility is available in the Auditorium and Seminar Halls.
Waste Management Facility : Available
Audio Visual Education : Visualization of the concepts gives greater impact on the understanding of the topic. Hence, Audio Visual Education is imparted apart from the method of lecturing. The Government of Tamilnadu has sanctioned an audio-visual class rooms. They have been enriched with LCD projector and LED TV/Monitor.
Access to internet All students and staff have a free access to Internet after the class hours. It is unfortunate our educational system at the UG level encouraging rote learning rather than critical thinking. Hence, our effort is to ensure the syllabi of high quality could alone encourage the higher order skills of our students during the teaching-learning evaluation process. To incorporate the latest technological developments in the system, the following Internet facilities are provided:
• UGC Net Resource Centre facilitating 10 students to access the Internet.
• 20 Broad Band connections under NME-ICT scheme
• Wi-Fi Connectivity with limited resources has been installed.
• INFLIBNET access extended to Research Scholars.
*Available nearby the college