PEVRC Profs 58+

PEVRC Profs 58+

Thanthai Periyar Government Arts & Science College PROFS 58+

தந்தை பெரியார் கல்லூரிப் பணிநிறை பேராசிரியர்கள்

Thanthai Periyar Government Arts and Science College is a unique – one of its kind – voluntary assembly of former faculty of this college, committed to serve the college community and its stake holders in all possible ways, purely on an honourary basis. Right from former faculty who served the college during the nascent stages (1964-65), faculty members who have served here at one or other stage of their career up to recently are in its fold. This unique group is in existence since 2018 and appreciable voluntary services are being carried out by them in the college, without incurring any expenditure on Govt/College funds.

As a first measure, the group undertook steps to enhance the aesthetics in the campus and contribute to the beautification of the College. Towards this, all the trees in the compound were pruned,as per technical advice and guidance from Forestry Department of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and protective white -coating mixed with insect- repellent has been carried out giving a fresh look throughout- from the college entrance .

Apart from this, two beautiful Parks -one adjacent to the main building (சிந்தனைப்பொழில்) and another in front of the Lanka Building (தமிழ்ப் பொழில்) – both aesthetically fenced for protection- have been brought into existence and the gardens are blooming now presenting enhanced green and colours of nature.

The Founding Day of the College (24th August) is being celebrated by this group by organising useful lectures on education, facing competitive examinations, personality development for students.

Regular week-end free coaching for competitive examinations for the benefit of the students are on the anvil. Courses on Communication, Personality Development during free time available for students will be there sooner.

The group managed to mobilize a fund of Rs 2 Lakhs, from the Common Good Fund of the Co-op Thrift and Credit Society of the College, through the good offices of the Jt Registrar of Co-op Societies, Tiruchirapally and the entire funds were used to successfully dig a yielding bore-well, establish water distribution lines and thus help mitigate the drinking water needs of the thousands of students in the College.

Not confining its efforts and initiatives to the college alone, during the Kaja Cyclone, this group sprang up to join the relief efforts being undertaken and contributed relief items in three installments (Biscuits, Candles, Match Boxes, Lungis, Towels, Horlicks Pouches, Drinking Water Bottles and so on)through the District Collector, Tiruchirapalli.

The group’s functioning – philosophy is based on the inspiring term ‘ ஊர் கூடித் தேரிழுப்போம்’ implying that all the efforts to serve the college and its community will be unitedly carried out, based totally on the free and voluntary will of the former faculty flocking together.

Thanthai Periyar Government Arts and Science College have their SANGAMAMS twice a year- on 1st May and on Oct 2nd .Small groups meet of and on to chalk out programmes and carry out actions mandated by the group.