Thanthai Periyar Government Arts & Science College


Periyar E.V.R. College has a registered Alumni Association (Reg No: 121/2003. Dt. 19/05/2003-started on 17/09/2003). It organizes various social and academic programmes, including interactions between alumni and students of the college. They celebrate Thanthai Periyar EVR Memorial day every year and the Annual Alumni dinner hosted by the Periyar EVR College Alumni Association (PERIYAL) is an opportunity for social interaction. Lectures by eminent speakers and cultural nights add verve to the events and even attract the general public. Our illustrious alumnus, Tiruchi N. Siva, M.P., has contributed Rs.50,00,000/- towards the construction of an auditorium namely, “Thanthai Periyar Kalaiarangam” with a capacity of 700 seats. The institution is are much benefitted by his generosity. In 2014-15 PERIYAL organized “Nanbanae Vaa” (an invitation to all alumni) which elicited a powerful response. Other former students have also contributed generously for the welfare of the student community and the development of the college.

PERIYAL brought out a book on Environmental Studies at low cost both in Tamil and English for the first year under graduate students, is a mile stone achievement in their history. Even today this book is in great demand not only in this college, but in several government colleges of the state. PERIYAL fondly remembers the golden jubilee celebration of Periyar EVR College arranged on 7th August 2015. The office bearers and members of PERIYAL contributed positively during the Autonomy Review Committee visit to the College.

Trichy. N. Siva, M.P.
President (Ex. officio)
Dr. P.S. Vijayalakshmi
Mrs. Surya Wahab
General Secretary
Mr. R. Senthilrajan
Mr. P. Krishna Gopal
Prof. T. Ponnan
Dr. R. Joseph
Mr. T. Saravanan
Mr. ‘Parasakthi’ Balu
Mr. Rajendracholan
Vice Presidents
Dr. P. Panneer Selvam
Dr. M. Panneer Selvam
Dr. V. Paramasivam
Mr. K. Rajalingam
Mr. V. Vadivel
Joint Secretaries
Mr. S. Krishnamoorthi
Mr. K. Balakrishnan
Dr. A. Manivannan
Dr. J. Murgesan
Mr. M. Balasubramaniam