Thanthai Periyar Government Arts & Science College


Board of Studies Meetings

For the newly sanctioned courses such as BCA, MSc.Visual Communication, M.Phil. Physics (Full Time), M.Phil. Geography (Full Time and Part Time) and M.Sc. Bio-chemistry Board of studies meeting has been conducted and the course structure designed for the respective courses are approved by the members of the Board.

CourseChair PersonDate of Meeting
Respective Heads of the Departments
M.Sc. Visual Communication
M.Phil. Physics (Full Time)
M.Phil. Geography (Full Time and Part Time)
Board of Studies Meeting for the 2018-2021 for Science subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany Zoology, Geography, Statistics, Computer Science and Visual communication
Board of Studies Meeting for the 2018-2021 for Arts and Commerce subjects such as Tamil, English, History, Economics and Commerce.
M.Sc. Bio-chemistry ( Course was started in the middle of the academic year 2018-19)

Academic Council Meeting

Academic Council Meeting 2018-2021 was conducted on 03.05.2018. It is was attended by three nominated members from Bharathidasan University, Director of CCCD, Bharathidasan University, Principal, Controller of Examinations and Assistant Controller of Examinations were present on that day.

Finance Committee Meeting (2017-18 and 2018-19)

DateChair PersonController of Examinations
Mrs. Shantha Robinson
Dr.M.K. Rajkumar
Dr. S. Rajenran
Dr.M.K. Rajkumar
Dr. S. Rajenran
Dr.A. Megala
Dr. I. Julie
Dr. P.S. Vijayalakshmi

Passing Board Meeting

Passing Board Meeting was conducted on 07.01.2019 and results of November 2018 Examination for UG and PG released. The meeting was headed by the Principal and all the Heads of the Departments participated.

External Academic Audit

Every year an External Academic Audit is being conducted during the even semester for UG, PG and M.Phil. Programmes. Senior Faculty member from outside of Bharathidasan University will evaluate the quality of education processes and suggest measure to enhance teaching and learning skills effectively. The External Academic Audit was conducted on April 15, 2019 for both Arts and Science Courses.

Examination Committee Meeting

Chair Person
Controller of Examinations
Dr. S. Rajendran
Dr.H. Karamath Ali (I/c)
Dr. S. Rajenran
Dr. A. Megala
Dr. S. Rajendran
Dr.A. Megala
Dr. I. Julie
Dr. P.S. Vijayalakshmi
Dr. I. Julie
Dr. P.S. Vijayalakshmi

Governing Body Meeting

The Governing Council meeting of the college was held on 09.09.2016. The meeting was chaired by Dr. N.Selvaraj, Principal (Retired). The attendees of the meeting was Dr.Paula Banerjee, UGC Nominee, Kolkatta, Dr.M. Senthamil Selvi, Joint Director of Collegiate Education, Dr. J. Manjula, the then Principal, Dr. Babu Rajendran, University Nominee, Mr.MSV Manoharan, Advocate, Dr. R.R.Surendren, Industrialist and Ex-officio members of Controller of Examinations and Assistant Controller of Examinations.