PG and Research Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was established in 1965 with pre-University course. B.Sc. Chemistry programme was introduced in the year 1967 and achieved the status of Autonomy in the year 1998. It has become a post-graduate department in the year 2003, offering M.Sc. Chemistry. The department possesses sufficient lab facilities and equipments. The department has the strength of 410 UG and PG students with well-qualified 17 faculty members involved in the teaching-learning process. The PG and Research Department of Chemistry also offers M.Phil. (Part-time and Full-Time) and Ph.D. (Part-time and Full-Time) programmes which were established in the year 2009. The specialized areas of interest include adsorption chemistry, corrosion studies, Nanoscience, environmental chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry. The department has introduced the job oriented courses like medicinal chemistry, agricultural chemistry, cosmetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, Industrial chemistry,  and environmental chemistry. Our department has produced so far 51 doctorates and more than 150 M.Phil. candidates. 5 Guest lecturers are working for Shift –II UG course. Many of our students are working in various Central and State Government educational and other organisations, and in private research institutes and pharmaceutical industries. Some of our Pride Alumni have been honoured with Padma Shri and Shram Bhushan awards for their social and scientific contributions to the society.  A team of 22 enthusiastic teachers work for the student community for their development and academic achievements.

S.No. Name Designation Educational Qualification Specialization Photo
Head of the Department
Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., CSIR-JRF/NET. General Chemistry
2. Dr. B. R. VENKATRAMAN Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDMM., AMNSA., DTM., FISCA., FICCE., FIACT. Synthetic Chemistry,
Adsorption Dynamics,
and Nano Science
3. Dr. A. FARITHA Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., B.Ed. Organic Synthesis
4. Dr. P. SUBRAMANI Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry
5. Dr. P. AROCKIA SAHAYARAJ Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. ,M.A., PGDCSA Environmental Chemistry,
Inorganic Chemistry,
Nano Science,
and Analytical Chemistry
6. Dr. K. SELVARANI Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
7. Dr. T. VIMALARANI Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed. Physical Chemistry,
Polymer Chemistry
8. Dr. N. KUMARAGURU Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D., P.G.D.C.A. Bioinorganic Chemistry
9. Dr. C. PRAGATHISWARAN Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D. Adsorption, Corrosion, Green Chemistry,
and Nano Chemistry
10. Dr. A. JOHN AMALRAJ Associate Professor M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. Electro Chemistry, Corrosion,
Quantum Chemistry,
Group Theory of Chemistry
11. Dr. C. GEETHA PRIYA Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Adsorption Dynamics,
Wastewater Treatment
12 Dr. V. S. SRIDEVI Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Organometallic Chemistry,
Adsorption Corrosion
13 Dr. H. BENITA SHERINE Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Corrosion Science, Phyto Chemistry
14 Dr. A. SHAJUDHA BEGUM Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Adsorption Chemistry
15 Dr. K. THANIKASALAM Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Organic Synthetics, Crystallography,
Computational Chemistry